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We invite all people of good will, especially dog lovers to the project called “Better Together.” We invite all those who are aware of the passage of time and see the civilization changes on people and animals.

The project aims at activating older people as well as to help maintain and possession of unwanted dogs for various reasons, dogs that could be a good aspiration for them to operate without any fear and heavy loads.

The main reason, which stops older people from having a dog or other small pet is their life experience, and the fear of taking responsibility for various random events, such as disease, stay in the hospital or go on holiday etc.Who to leave the dog with during these unexpected absences? The cost of living, food, hygiene and treatments and a dog nowadays ± can be enormous and sometimes exceed the financial capacity of people in retirement. These and other problems could be solved by the “Better Together” program.

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We would like to involve all people of good will aware of the passing of time and the need for active aging as well as knowing the cultural changes that occur in dogs and other household pets.

The project, called Better Together is designed to help the elderly people to own and keep – without fear, concerns or burdens – dogs, who in return can become a good motivation for staying active.

The project mostly involves volunteers, who will be divided into 4 groups. The leading group shall consist of people who have the capabilities and expertise to both quickly adapt such pet and acclimate the participating elderly person to future living together.

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Some statistics

136295 Persons Living Alone
Population Aged 65 Years and Over Living Alone – Census Year 2011.Link

27 Persons Living Alone as a Percentage
Persons Living Alone as a Percentage of Persons in the Aged 65 Years and Over in Private Households (%) Census Year 2011Link

13051 Strays Entering Pound

239 Dogs in Pound - average
Average numbers of dogs on hand in Pounds every dayLink